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On Sat, 31 Mar 2001 16:16:35 +0800 "Richard Ramos - Crouching Tiger,
Hidden Gundam!" <gaijin@i-manila.com.ph> writes:
> > Nope, both of these are early prints. I bought the S Gundam back in
92 at
> > a toystore in Nagaoka, Japan. The Ex-S Gundam I bought in '95, but
> > put it together until '97. It wasn't a major problem, just the
plastic pegs for
> > the beam cannons and some of the attachment points broke off. Most of
> > my other problems with some of the models came from them dropping
> > 6 feet from my top shelves. Most of them are amazingly strong,
> > like the ZZ Gundam were amazingly fragile (it fell once and broke
> > a million pieces, on carpet).
> HUH? hmmm...i had the same accident happen to me, and that didn't
> Could this be a environment thing? I live in a tropical country -
> that be a factor? after all, tropical countries are by nature hotter
> have more humidity...could this be an underlying cause for the
> in plastic quality? I don't know, just thinking out loud here.

I don't know. Some of my models, like my 1/100 Transformable Zeta Gundam,
the HG 1/144 Mk II, and several others, are amazingly tough. They've
multiple gainers off the top shelf in the years that I've had them, and
suffered very little to no damage. Others, like the ZZ Gundam and my
Zeta-Plus, either shattered or suffered irrepairable damage. While the ZZ
was repaired and can still transform, a lot of the cosmetic beauty was
by the fall. The Zeta-Plus was far worse. I ended up having to gut the
transformable parts, cementing everything solid, and repainting it in
white and blue.
Even the 1/100 Transformable Zeta has had bad luck. Its bad luck started
the day I started building it when I was an exchange student in Japan.
After completing several of the basic parts, and most of the
parts, I put it aside in the box to go eat dinner. What I didn't know was
my host brother followed up behind me and moved the box underneath a
table so nothing would happen to it. Well, it turned out that I didn't
the plastic cement jar all the way. The top fell off and the cement
spilled all
over the transformation parts. When I went back to the room, I could
the cement down the hall. Most of the internal parts were melted solid. I
salvaged some of the parts, but the model was never able to transform
properly. The model went 6 years after that with no major damage, despite

taking 5 gainers off the top shelf. Then about two years ago, it took
gainer off the shelf and suffered some severe damage. I finally went
and cemented all of the parts that didn't need to move and haven't had a
problem since.

> > The most annoying thing about it is that it is molded in gray instead
> > white. It's one of the only models you must prime first, then paint
in the
> > primary color. Funny thing is, as much as I dislike the model, I
> > eventually bought two. The original one was modified into the Nuclear

> > Launch Condition, the second one is being modified into a Titans'
> > Produced model. I'll finish that one one of these days.
> Foster, ou have to finish that..I have to see how a production model
> extrapolation of that thing looks like.

Besides being in gray and black, I took the spare cannons from the
G-Cannon Magna and mounted them on the suit. It still has the nuclear
launch capability, but it's a lot more useful now with the extra
As you can imagine, it requires a lot of putty since I am mixing in parts
from the GP-01 and the G-Cannon Magna. Luckily, all of the models
are 1/144 and their parts are roughly the same size. While the basic
is done, the arms are giving me a fit. It truely is a Frankenstein's
(ugly as heck), but the shear number of weapons makes it look impressive.
When I finish it, I'll post a note as to where to see the picture.

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