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> > Weird. My Ex-s gundam was quite okay! hmmmm...are we seeing mold
> > detrioration here? BAD...
> Nope, both of these are early prints. I bought the S Gundam back in 92 at
> a toystore in Nagaoka, Japan. The Ex-S Gundam I bought in '95, but didn't
> put it together until '97. It wasn't a major problem, just the plastic
> pegs for
> the beam cannons and some of the attachment points broke off. Most of
> my other problems with some of the models came from them dropping
> 6 feet from my top shelves. Most of them are amazingly strong, others,
> like the ZZ Gundam were amazingly fragile (it fell once and broke into
> a million pieces, on carpet).

HUH? hmmm...i had the same accident happen to me, and that didn't happen.
Could this be a environment thing? I live in a tropical country - could
that be a factor? after all, tropical countries are by nature hotter and
have more humidity...could this be an underlying cause for the differences
in plastic quality? I don't know, just thinking out loud here.

> > > RX-78-3, GM Sniper, and GP-02A models. But the first two were old
> > > designs, and the last just plain sucked (that's why I've modified it
> to
> > > nuclear launch condition).
> > Yeah, I still don't know what to do with my kit of that.
> The most annoying thing about it is that it is molded in gray instead of
> white.
> It's one of the only models you must prime first, then paint in the
> primary
> color. Funny thing is, as much as I dislike the model, I eventually
> bought
> two. The original one was modified into the Nuclear Launch Condition, the
> second one is being modified into a Titans' Mass Produced model. I'll
> finish that one one of these days.

Foster, ou have to finish that..I have to see how a production model
extrapolation of that thing looks like.

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