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> > S-Gundam and the Ex-S Gundam. The plastic on both of those models is
> > very fibril and tends to break very easily. The two Wing models I
> Weird. My Ex-s gundam was quite okay! hmmmm...are we seeing mold
> detrioration here? BAD...

Nope, both of these are early prints. I bought the S Gundam back in 92 at
a toystore in Nagaoka, Japan. The Ex-S Gundam I bought in '95, but didn't

put it together until '97. It wasn't a major problem, just the plastic
pegs for
the beam cannons and some of the attachment points broke off. Most of
my other problems with some of the models came from them dropping
6 feet from my top shelves. Most of them are amazingly strong, others,
like the ZZ Gundam were amazingly fragile (it fell once and broke into
a million pieces, on carpet).

> > RX-78-3, GM Sniper, and GP-02A models. But the first two were old
> > designs, and the last just plain sucked (that's why I've modified it
> > nuclear launch condition).
> Yeah, I still don't know what to do with my kit of that.

The most annoying thing about it is that it is molded in gray instead of
It's one of the only models you must prime first, then paint in the
color. Funny thing is, as much as I dislike the model, I eventually
two. The original one was modified into the Nuclear Launch Condition, the
second one is being modified into a Titans' Mass Produced model. I'll
finish that one one of these days.

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