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    I just finished reading some of the first volume of the Gundam Wing graphic novels and I was kind of surprised at how different it is from the series. Besides the plot twists being slightly... twisted around, the most outstanding difference to me was in Heero's character, who seemed less like the emotionless killer android of the series, a little more arrogant or cocky (IMO), and twice as indestructible. He actually seems a little light-hearted in some parts, such as when he merrily tells Relena that he'll kill her. Maybe it's just my interpretation. As for his nigh-invulnerability, the famous self-detonation scene in the Wing Gundam took place with Heero actually in the cockpit as opposed to standing outside on the hatch, which gave his survival a little more credibility. Also, Duo shoots him several times (first in the hand, then three more elsewhere) and he continues leaping around with a smile like nothing happened (he even dodges a bullet to the head at point blank). While that did raise Heero's coolness level, once again, the credibility level goes way down, which isn't good for a Gundam story. I
    Overall, though I didn't read enough of it to really compare the two, I'd prefer the graphic novel to the series if I had to choose. For one, I was able to interpret the characters differently, which made some of them less...yeah. Also, some parts that weren't too clear in the series were more obvious, such as that Relena wanted Heero to kill her because she believed that she would be his last "target."
    My $.02 for all who care to know.

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