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> i don't agree with you, heero yuy. those kids are
> smarter than any kids i know. the three infants in MSG
> single handedly saved the GM factory in Jaburo. do you
> think YOU could have made up stuff as well as Al did?
> think about it. He was able to lie to cops and Feds.
> he helped save Libot and side 6. think you can do
> that? you were most likely annoying when you were a
> kid. you know who is annoying? Heero Yui and the rest
> of the Wing boys. a UC annoyance would probably be Kou
> Uraki.

It depends on how you define annoying. The GWing Boys are all trained
terrorists, Al was a kid who had mistaken notions. I think what would be
truly annoying would be a teenage Monsha.

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