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> I've had a few baddies, too. Tallgeese II, for example. Talk about
> re-releasing kits with extra parts. At least the GM Sniper was molded in a
> completely different color and had a cool gun. Rising Gundam, which I
> believed was awesome (when I was 6). That was about 6 years ago (guess my
> age, I dare you) around the time of Gundamn Wing's original airing in
> Anyhoo, back to the Rising.... It had decent posability, great plug-in
> weapons (though they had to be painted). I mean, you don't see plug-in
> on a regular Gundam (excluding Alex, but the guns weren't Uzis :), do ya?
> faves? GM Sniper, Alex, Heavyarms Custom, Serpent Custom, Zaku III/Custom,
> and the Kampher, excepting a few color quibbles.

Hmmm...the one old kit I find cool is the gp03s 1/144..and then of course,
there was the nice HG ZZ.

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