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> From the 4 1/144 models I've put together I've found that they don't, in
> general, measure up to the expectations. I made an attempt to put 2 1/144
> Gundam W models together the other week at a friend's place and the
> molding was terrible. Some of the pieces that were supposed to go
> together didnt even fit properly and those 2 models in question were
> tossed back into the closet for spare parts later on. My advice is not to
> go with the 1/144 but to stick with the 1/100 models.

Hmmm...That's weird. I have no complaints about the EW/GW kits I've
assembled in the past. Perhaps Bandai Has changed the Plastic that they
use? I find that my EW kits held up well in assembly and in poseability.

But I have noticed some marked differences. I have a first-issue 08thMS
RX79G/Zaku set,l and a newer issue...and the plastic seemed different,
honestly, and the mold lines and distortions, as well as fracture lines were
plainly seen. I hope this isn't a sign of downgraded quality control.

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