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i don't agree with you, heero yuy. those kids are
smarter than any kids i know. the three infants in MSG
single handedly saved the GM factory in Jaburo. do you
think YOU could have made up stuff as well as Al did?
think about it. He was able to lie to cops and Feds.
he helped save Libot and side 6. think you can do
that? you were most likely annoying when you were a
kid. you know who is annoying? Heero Yui and the rest
of the Wing boys. a UC annoyance would probably be Kou

--- John Gomes <> wrote:
> I can't believe Bernie died in 0080, and by Chris of
> all ppl. I say Al
> should have died or his friends, they by far the
> most annoying Gundam
> characters in the 20+years history of the saga. I
> even think they're more
> annoying then the kids in the orginal
> series.~Kenshin
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