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ok... here's what i think... Kou changes as the series
progressed... only not as we expect. he was pretty
confident before the whole thing started, but as time
goes on, Kou just turns into a whiny wimp. compare Kou
when he was about to visit the Albion to see the new
suits to the Kou during the trial and you'll see what
i mean
--- "Juan Alberto B. Mercado"
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> On Wed, 28 Mar 2001 08:36:39
> Franz G Co wrote:
> >A better representative for "oldtypes" would be
> Shiro Amada fr. 08th MS. Not
> >only did he fight well, but he won his battles too,
> by using his head.
> I guess. But Kou also "fought" well. Hey, the only
> people that beat him were Gato and Cima and these
> guys were hardboiled veterans (OK he lost to Cima
> the first time because he was an idiot for flying
> the Gundam when it was not yet suited for space).
> And we have to expect that Shiro would be better,
> he's a lieutenant after all and Kou is just an
> ensign. To me, Kou proved his worth in the
> battlefield well enough.
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