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It says:

The tactical class real-time simulation game appearance which can experience
the world of a first cancer dam with the viewpoint from a JION army!!

Game software for PlayStation2
Summer sale schedule Price undecidedness

The bulletin board only for ZEONIC FRONTs

To the Tokyo game show "ZEONICFRONT" It ???s!
Much ???s are also installed!
Please actually play a game by all means!!
Game show BANDAI Booth It passes and is GO!

Strategy nature which draws up free strategy
The popular work which united the strategy nature which commands a MOBIRU
suit on real time!!

You become a one JION army soldier.
Directions are given to the unit composed of three sets of MSs.
Many duties are executed!!

Fighting has started, before sortieing! Build your strategy!!

A receptacle, the duty purpose, and clear conditions will be known for
explanation of missions from a commander at a briefing.
MS and the pilot who sortie himself are chosen and the advance route to a
target is determined!
If missions start, time will pass on real time.
It becomes the important element to a clearance to grasp strategy here and
to build exact strategy.

Act with an ally unit! Conclusive factor of a match of just cooperation!!

 The player marches with the missions which advance on real time, operating
a unit's leader machine and taking cooperation with an ally unit.
An enemy MS is found quickly and it directs to an ally unit. Real strategy,
such as a flank attack, is also possible by directing to another ally unit!
Moreover, the unit who operates it according to a situation is changed, and
it will have in the battle made elated [ the unit ], and will be crowded!

It is a battle if compelled! I will fight taking advantage of the
characteristic of MS!!

 When discovering an enemy, it is lock on about a target! It is an attack
with equipment arms!
It is an idea about the characteristic and distance of arms of both armies.
It is important to cooperate with an ally unit and to fight efficiently.

The performance difference of each MOBIRU suit and the difference in
equipment are also ?? dust reappearance!
The way of fighting which suited the situation will be connected to a

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Hey, can anyone with a better grip of Japanese than I do tell me what it
says here?

>From the pictures, it seems to have more sim like feel. And taking on the
Big Tray should be sweet (suicidal but sweet). Oh, and the GM [G]s in the
pic are in original red and white colors.

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