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Has anyone noticed tha this guy wants G Gundam model kits? Everyone seems to
be referring to Wing and/or UC Gundam 1/144 kits.

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I like the 1/144th CCA kits I put together the Jegan Kit and it went
together and the RX93 which I just started so far so good.

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Well the 1/100 Wing kits are not much better due to their crappy designs and
over-abused molds by Bandai. I would suggest you to get the 1/144 or 1/100
EW kits instead.

>From the 4 1/144 models I've put together I've found that they don't, in
>general, measure up to the expectations. I made an attempt to put 2 1/144
>Gundam W models together the other week at a friend's place and the
>molding was terrible. Some of the pieces that were supposed to go
>together didnt even fit properly and those 2 models in question were
>tossed back into the closet for spare parts later on. My advice is not to
>go with the 1/144 but to stick with the 1/100 models.
>On Fri, 30 Mar 2001, Jeremy wrote:
> > I'm about to go get one of them, and would like to know what people
> > about them...
> >
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