Jim Huang (tyhuang@OCF.Berkeley.EDU)
Fri, 30 Mar 2001 13:46:51 -0800

DHL just dropped 3 boxes of books a few hours ago. It's really nice
consider I only paid for the economy rate not the express,
according to amazon.co.jp, it was sent 3 days ago. Not bad for 300
yen per item shipping.

There were some discussion about this book a few monthes ago.
Gundam Officials: UC 0079-003. ISBN 4063301109 by Kodansha.
In case you are not familiar with this book, here is what said on the
slip case: A "U.C. Centennial Memerial" publication, this book is an
encyclopedia of Gundam data covering the years from the One-
Year War tot he Delaz Battles. The first ever Gundam encyclopedia
has been compiled to review 20 years of Gundam. At 900 pages,
this book is about twice as heavy as Gundam Archive.

Most of the information are the usual suspect, character, event,
location, MS, etc. The cross-referencing is rather nice. But I think
the most interesting info so far is the entry on Earth Federation. I
had a discussion on the composistion on the Federation Assembly,
and how they are selected. From my quick two pass reading, the
Assembly members represent the Federation member nations rather
than the citizen of the federation, and each member nation can
decide on the selection of their representive. So it's more like the
old U.S. senate before direct election or the current European
Commission. And space colonies are not consider member nations.
Lip services were paid to the notion that they can be represented by
their home country on Earth. It's also mentioned that a significant
number of the representives are also high ranking officers of the
military. I will try to read more and post the interesting information I

I am planning to go down to Fanime Com right now. For those of
you who are going to show up, see you there.

Jim Huang

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