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On Fri, 30 Mar 2001 15:12:20 -0500 "Fuller, Bill" <bill.fuller@eds.com>
> The problem is you can't base all 1/144 kits off the early Wing kits,
> were just bad.
> I've made some VERY nice 1/144 kits, mostly from the 08th series, and
the EW
> 1/144 kits aren't too shabby either.
> In fact, the 1/144 HGUC kits are very nicely detailed....

Maybe it's just me, but I've only had 2 bad Gundam models out of the
nearly 40
that I've built. Funny thing is, both of them are from the Sentinel
series, the
S-Gundam and the Ex-S Gundam. The plastic on both of those models is
very fibril and tends to break very easily. The two Wing models I have,
the 1/144
Wing and Wing-0, both put together fine and didn't have any defects.
I despised the fact that they made them, and the X-Gundam models, so
After buying those two, I haven't bought another.
Granted, I have had my share of poorly designed models, namely the
RX-78-3, GM Sniper, and GP-02A models. But the first two were old
designs, and the last just plain sucked (that's why I've modified it to
launch condition).

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