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> Right. Here's how I define evil:
> One who hurts or kills innocents, and either enjoys it or doesn't care if
> they are killed or hurt. One who takes pleasure in causing pain and
> suffereing. Innocents are people who go about their lives in peace and
> without harming others on purpose. My view on what evil is is much more
> complex then this, but this get's the basics down.

For me, Evil is a social construct, whose edges and assignations will change
with every society or leap in matters of faith and culture. I don't bother
to define it, trusting in my socially-linked judgment to help me define what
I would call evil.

> There will always be people like this, even if there are no weapons.
> like this can build their own weapons to get their misguided way, the
> they hate will be defenseless to stop them. Taking away weapons only
> an opening to hostile take over. Innocents being defenseless makes it
> for violent or corrupt people, to get a hold of power to hurt these

use defensive instruments defensively, and use offensive weapons only to
take out other weapons. that pretty much makes it clear.

> Anyway this discussion seems to be starting to go around in circles, so I
> done. People here either understand me or they don't, as I am presenting
> views as clear as possible.


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