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>> Evil is a matter of perspective, and as such making it more >volatile.

>Right. Here's how I define evil:

>One who hurts or kills innocents, and either enjoys it or >doesn't care if
>they are killed or hurt. One who takes pleasure in causing pain >and
>suffereing. Innocents are people who go about their lives in >peace and
>without harming others on purpose. My view on what evil is is >much more
>complex then this, but this get's the basics down.

More often than not however, there are no people who fit into this narrow
definition. Anyone who does (other than being a stereotype) is the product
of society and probably has some deep seated issues.

>There will always be people like this, even if there are no >weapons.
>like this can build their own weapons to get their misguided >way, the
>they hate will be defenseless to stop them. Taking away weapons >only
>an opening to hostile take over. Innocents being defenseless >makes it
>for violent or corrupt people, to get a hold of power to hurt >these

more often thann not, people who start wars believe they are doing so
because for them it is right. We fopten call people like these fanatics and
by our westernized (biased) point of view, they're evil but to other people
they may actually be heroes and or saviours.

>Anyway this discussion seems to be starting to go around in >circles, so I
>done. People here either understand me or they don't, as I am >presenting
>views as clear as possible.
>Aaron aka BlazeEagle
>"Believing a sign of Zeta"

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