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>I think so too. And as I said earlier, if Al died then 0080 is >pointless.
(OK..Rant time)

>Gundam 0080 shows war through a very unique perspective which >is throught
he eyes of youth during peacetime. Yes, peacetime. >It was explicit in 0079
that Side 6 is neutral and as such the >war was not really felt in that
region (basically like it is >today when other parts of the world are at
war). Al is young >and severely illusioned about the concept of war and
>righteousness (much like every other kid who likes to play >videogames or
watch hero stories). He actually gets the chance >to participate in one and
finds out firsthand just how horrible >it is. Al and his friends represent
the youth, naive and full >of fantasies. Bernie's death was necessary for Al
to realize >the truth, after all, it is the youth who will carry the world
>into the future, such that they must learn from the mistakes of >the old.
If Al died, then this message dies with him. His >friends still didn't
understand, much like how it is in real >life. That's sad.

Although, the message (to the watcher) could actually have been strengthened
if Al died. Since the ending would be one that isn't good, you'd feel
agitated and want to do something. You know, ala Grave of the Fireflies. Of
course in 0080s case I think letting Al suffer the death Bernie by Chris'
hands and Chris herself being sent to the ICU was enough to get the point

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