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> Very true. But this may not apply to all. The mecha and Gundam are
certainly great come ons to the show, especially for ones who haven't seen
it. But at least to me, the best thing any of us can get with these shows
are the memories. What do most fans remember after watching the final
episode of a Gundam series? Is it the slick design or the characters and how
the story ended? Hmm....

Well, I remember the story, characters and slick mecha designs myself.
That's why I build kits and buy toys of my favorite MS designs, to be a
memento and to help me remember the series characters and story.

It may not seem like it, but I do think the story should come first. To me,
the mecha make a great story better. A story doesn't need mecha or fighting
to be great and to interest me, I just like mecha a lot. An mecha show with
a horrible story, doesn't interest me at all, BTW. A mecha show without a
good story is like rotted food to me, worthless.

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