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On Tue, 27 Mar 2001 23:39:22 -0800 (PST), Peter Carranza wrote:

>> The Sydney crater is also shown in the DC Gundam Side Story >0079
>> intro, so I guess they're sticking with that story. In other
>> colony drop madness, the Dublin Drop in ZZ left the colony >largely
>> intact and standing up higher than the clouds. Is this >consistent
>> with the Sydney and N. American drops?

>Yes, it was stuck into the ground like God's Own Lawn Dart....

>To be fair, it was supposedly retarded by Elpeo Ple's >telekinetic Newtype
>powers. On the other hand, if she could really do that she >wouldn't have
>a Mobile Suit -- she could've swept the battlefield clear with >a wave of

Maybe the colony cylinder was a focus that brought out that level of power
from her.

>As I recall, the colony cylinder was inclined at something >between 15 to
>from the vertical, giving it more than a passing resemblance to >the
>Tower of Pisa. Given the standard length of 32 kilometers (20 >miles) and
>allowing for up to 10% of it being stuck into the ground, it'd >still be
over 25
>km (15 miles) high.

>We never see the crater of the Operation Stardust drop in North >America,
just a
>field of blighted wheat outside the base at Oakley, Kansas -- >presumably,
>is as near the edge of the North American crater as Torrington >was to the
>Australian crater. If the Oakley base was there when the >colony came
down, it
>must've been shielded by terrain or massively rebuilt before >Kou got there

>the shockwave would've been like the Mother of All Storms >combined with a
>Richter 8.0 earthquake.

I was thingking that maybe the colony did a Tunguska and blew up before it hit. This would explain the blighted wheat bit but the base would stil be in ruins though.


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