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> >I dunno blaze, for me, a violent man with his bare hands is easier to
> >than a man with a mecha who's about to stomp on you. It's the magnitude
> >destruction that such implements can do. Something I believe Treize
> >have agreed with.
> Richie does have a point. Its like the whole Adolf Hitler thing. When it
comes to killing, size does matter. you can't compare a common killer who
killed 2 people to a despot who killed thousands. But I still stand with the
opinion that in today's society where people are more discontented with most
everything, the taking away of weapons is an impossibility.
> It would be nice though, in a naive perspective, it would be great to have
no weapons and just settle everything like men.
> ---
> Abet

It's the ideal of the Fair Fight. But believe me, no one will ever agree to
one if so much is at stake.

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