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 Richard Ramos - Crouching Tiger, Hidden Gundam! wrote:
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>> you can have an ova about a gm squad WITHOUT gundams,
>> and it would very well be a gundam story.
>Correct! In fact, i wonder why this hasn't been done...you can just have
>flashes of the prototype and its pilot, but the whole story can revolve
>around the people who are the garrison troops, or something to that effect.

A G series without a Gundam. I'm not sure about this, but in the series "Blue Destiny" (ok this aint an anime) was there a "Gundam". Maybe in latter parts, but I'm really not sure...

>correct. I wouldn't mind it even being power armor or weaponed megabikes.
>it's the story that counts.

Yeah. Im not saying mecha or model enthusiasts don't care about the story half as much as they love the hardware in Gundam, but I really do think that story must come first, because most of the time you're watching the story.

>> >Gundam just
>> > happens to always have good stories.
>> you got it the other way around. gundam is a good
>> story that just happened to have slick mecha designs.

Very true. But this may not apply to all. The mecha and Gundam are certainly great come ons to the show, especially for ones who haven't seen it. But at least to me, the best thing any of us can get with these shows are the memories. What do most fans remember after watching the final episode of a Gundam series? Is it the slick design or the characters and how the story ended? Hmm....

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