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>> Until the violent part of humans is either controled or suppresed, there
>> will always be war. Taking away weapons just delays wars and violence.

Weapons are just extensions of human will. Therefore, the need for them is just a reflection of the need of people.

>> that's how we cut our food up and eat it. Wing's ending is naive and
>> unrealstic. A Mobile Suit doesn't kill people, a weapon doesn't kill
>> they are tools used by people to kill people. Just because all MS are
>> destroyed, is no safety measure.

The concept of getting rid of weapons to avert war is not so feasible. In this thesis of weapons being an extension of human will, we can see that war in itself is also a result of human will. Conflict is unavoidable because we are all different people of different will and desire. What we want for ourselves may not always coincide with what the society wants. I think that as stupid as this may sound, a society without need for weapons is a society without need for war. Such a society would be one of total commune, to a level transcending one's own need for self preservation or ambition. In short, a society of Newtypes.

>> and the whole thing could start over again. Weapons can cause death, but
>> weapons can also be used to defend peace aganist the never ending evil of
>> some humans.

Evil is a matter of perspective, and as such making it more volatile.

>I dunno blaze, for me, a violent man with his bare hands is easier to handle
>than a man with a mecha who's about to stomp on you. It's the magnitude of
>destruction that such implements can do. Something I believe Treize would
>have agreed with.

Richie does have a point. Its like the whole Adolf Hitler thing. When it comes to killing, size does matter. you can't compare a common killer who killed 2 people to a despot who killed thousands. But I still stand with the opinion that in today's society where people are more discontented with most everything, the taking away of weapons is an impossibility.
It would be nice though, in a naive perspective, it would be great to have no weapons and just settle everything like men.

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