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Here are some of the pics people requested:


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>Subject: [gundam] Gundam bookreview: Gundam Weapons CCA Special Edition
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>Title: Gundam Weapons: Char's Counter Attack Special Edition
>Publisher: Hobby Japan
>Release Date: 02/03/2001
>Format: 30cm x 24cm softbound outer slipcase; 133 pages (110 color pages,
>mono color pages)
>Price: 1429
>Whoa, this new Mook is a must have if you are a CCA fan! The shear number
>nu Gundam and Sazabi pictures make me feel like in heaven.
>Here's a summary of all the modelsfeature in this Mook. The Cover is the MG
>RX 93 v Gundam modeled by Toshinobu Matsumura.
>As soon as you flip the page, you are threated with a foldup mini-poste of
>the MG Sazabi and MG nu Gundam.
>After a two page series recap, here comes the kit review and 3 variations
>the standard nu Gundam. The first two were based on the new MG kit and
>features some subtle and cosmetic modification of the excellent MG kit. The
>last one, modeled by Hiroshi Iseya, is based on the old Bandai 1/100 nu
>Gundam kit from the CCA series. While this kit is technically inferior to
>the new MG kit, with Hiroshi's modifications, it looks and poses better
>the new kits! It has moving pistons in the ankles, knees, chest, and even
>the waist!
>Then comes the Heavy Weapon System type of the nu Gundam. The armors can be
>detached to become the standard nu Gundam. The conversion doesn't appear to
>be very difficult so I might try it on my MG kit.
>Following the HWS nu Gundam is the RX-94 Mass-production type nu Gundam. It
>is converted from the MG kit and its head looks remarkably similar to the
>RX-78 G3.
>Next up is the Hi-nu conversion of the MG kit. The finished model looks
>intimidating than the standard nu Gundam due to its long Kondo-styled skirt
>armor and feet. However, no in-progree pictures are provided.
>Then we have an interesting Perfect nu Gundam, also converted from the MG
>kit. If I am not mistaken, this is the first time I've heard of a Perfect
>Gundam. It has two extra beam cannons mounted on its right forearms and a
>rectangular fuel tank on each of its shoulder. The funnels are arranged
>differently on its backpack. Also, there are many extra thrusters on its
>legs and the back of its shoulders. Overall, I have to say this is a
>interesting design.
>Now we are in to the Sazabi part of the book. We have two variations of the
>MG kit done by Max Wantanbe and Hiroshi Iseya. Both of them designed new
>shoulder joints to give the model more flexiblity. However, Wantanabe
>significantly reshaped the chest, shoulder and forearms of the Sazabi. He
>also solved the poseability problem of the legs by designing a new hip
>system. After a nice paint job and a glossy shiny coat, the Sazabi looks
>very nice. Although I still don't like the proportion of the model. The
>lower legs are a little too short and the shoulders are still too big.
>Now we have a Land battle version of the sazabi with a green and black
>scheme. If you like militaristic Mobile Suit, you will love this one!
>For those who are expecting the Nightingale, you will be disappointed.
>are only two pages on this suit with not alot of details.
>Here's a good news, we are only half-way thru the book! Now we have an
>entire section on MG conversions:
>- RGZ-91 conversion from the MG Zeta kit. It's also fully transformable.
>- RGM-89 jegan conversion from the MG MK-II and GM Custom kits.
>- Stark Jegan from the MG Quel.
>- GM III from the MG Mk II and GM kits.
>If you have any of the old 1/144 CCA kits, then here's a section just for
>you! There are tips from Pro-modelers on how to give those old kits
>There are three more conversions from 1/144 kits into the Hobby Hi-zack,
>Geara Doga (Psychmu Test type) and Psycho Geara Doga.
>Finally, there are articles by the pro-modelers in Japanese text.
>There are also some official design works and line arts by the mecha
>designers of the CCA series.
>Overall, this is an excellent Gundam Weapons. While there are fewer
>"in-progress" photos than other Gundam Weapons Mooks, it makes up for it by
>showing many interesting model-building ideas. For Y1450, this is not a bad
>Reviewed by Zhao Pan
>March, 28, 01
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