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> > Actually, i like gundam because the focus on the mecha does not
> > the characters, in fat, at times the focus goes more on the characters
> > not the mecha. Personally I ike this as although mecha are nice, people
> > mroe important.
>Right, I feel this way too, but I feel the way that is in my last post too.
>I think it's well done how the mecha never seems to over shadow the
> >
> >
> >
> >
> >
> >
> > 0080 throws a wrench in this equation, isn't it the Gundam that brings
> > to Side 6's Libot colony in the first place. sure if it weren't for the
> > Gundam Bernie and Chris would never have met. But uf not for it's
> > in Libot, less people would have died and Al wouldnt have gone through
> > that. 0080 on a deeper level questions the assumption that Gundam is a
> > symbol for freedom, hopes, dreams and eventual peace. Remember, the
> > is a war machine no matter how you look at it and can only bring out
> > suffering. Notice that in the end of most Gundam series, the main Mecha
> > gets destroyed. The gundam isnt' the symbol for freedom, hopes, dreams
> > peace, it's people who are the symbol, more precisely the youth. That's
> > in Wing they had to destroy all the Gundams and why Char and Amuro could
> > only get to an agrement after the RX-78-2 was destroyed and could only
> > their rivalry with the sacrifice of the Nu-Gundam.
>Right, I understand all your points, but getting rid of all weapons will
>never make peace permanet. Bare hands can kill and cause pain too, you
>Until the violent part of humans is either controled or suppresed, there
>will always be war. Taking away weapons just delays wars and violence. A
>knife and a fork could be used as weapons, but we can't take away those, as
>that's how we cut our food up and eat it. Wing's ending is naive and
>unrealstic. A Mobile Suit doesn't kill people, a weapon doesn't kill
>they are tools used by people to kill people. Just because all MS are
>destroyed, is no safety measure. MS or something similar could be made
>and the whole thing could start over again. Weapons can cause death, but
>weapons can also be used to defend peace aganist the never ending evil of
>some humans. Getting rid of weapons just makes it easier for someone to
>in and enforce their will, through violence, then it starts again. Instead
>of getting rid of weapons, people need to respect them and not let their
>anger cause them to do horrible things. Also, teach people about weapons,
>prevent accidental death from them. Weapons and fists are only horrible,
>when used for wrong . The evil people are the worst type of danger.
> > But the deeper story is between the characters themselves.
> >
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I agree with your point -- weapons, like any other tool, are just an
extension of the user's will. I think at the end of Endless Waltz, though,
all MS were destroyed because the population decided they wouldn't put up
with evil people any more. They weren't destroying the weapons to prevent
war; they were destroying them as a symbol that they wouldn't permit another
war. Even so, one should always be prepared for the worst -- I have a
feeling Tallgeese III remained in storage as the Preventers' ace in the hole
even after Endless Waltz, although the ending implied it was never used
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