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> Right, I understand all your points, but getting rid of all weapons will
> never make peace permanet. Bare hands can kill and cause pain too, you
> Until the violent part of humans is either controled or suppresed, there
> will always be war. Taking away weapons just delays wars and violence. A
> knife and a fork could be used as weapons, but we can't take away those,
> that's how we cut our food up and eat it. Wing's ending is naive and
> unrealstic. A Mobile Suit doesn't kill people, a weapon doesn't kill
> they are tools used by people to kill people. Just because all MS are
> destroyed, is no safety measure. MS or something similar could be made
> and the whole thing could start over again. Weapons can cause death, but
> weapons can also be used to defend peace aganist the never ending evil of
> some humans. Getting rid of weapons just makes it easier for someone to
> in and enforce their will, through violence, then it starts again. Instead
> of getting rid of weapons, people need to respect them and not let their
> anger cause them to do horrible things. Also, teach people about weapons,
> prevent accidental death from them. Weapons and fists are only horrible,
> when used for wrong . The evil people are the worst type of danger.

I dunno blaze, for me, a violent man with his bare hands is easier to handle
than a man with a mecha who's about to stomp on you. It's the magnitude of
destruction that such implements can do. Something I believe Treize would
have agreed with.

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