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> Ok, here's what confuses me. Some mecha fans on here think Gundam has too
> much focus on the mecha, yet they like mecha? Any story told by the
> Gundam anime could be told without mecha at all, right? Gundam focuses on
> mecha because it is a *mecha* to begin with, no matter what Tomino may
> as Bandai has seen to this. I do agree that sometimes they over use mecha,
> but mecha is a main part of Gundam, not a side part. It's like wanting
> Jedi stuff in a Star Wars movie. Neither mecha or Jedi are the sole focus
> these respective sagas, but they are a main part of them and it's just
> insanely nit picky to say mecha shows should have less mecha :) Mecha
> are for mecha fans, that's why they focus on mecha so much, right?

errr, i like machines, period. I don't know about the others, but mecha for
me is a form of advanced machine. As for superrobots, I don't consider them
machines. I consider them as some sort of mechanical god archetype. there
you go..if gundam came out with battle-bikes, as I said, well, I would buy
the bikes..because they remind me of gundam.

> You missed my point though, if you hated or disliked mecha, you wouldn't
> build them right? For people who like mecha so much, it's weird that they
> want to see less of them on screen!?!?

not really. we appreciate it as machines, but no way do we want it to
clutter up a good story. it would be even better if the mecha gives a twist
to the story...see Nadesico for this, LOL!

> Um, I know all this by heart. Right, Gundam didn't start out as a toy ad,
> but Bandai uses them as toy ads, though :)

original intent makes all the difference.

> Right, but I am sure Sunrise, while Gundam is not their idea, had vague
> thoughts of making money off the slick mecha designs. They just didn't
> animate it out of the kindness of their hearts, I am sure! :)

which is why tomino was strong-armed...but hey, Tomino did quite well,
better than expected, with the situatuion at hand.

> Yes, I sure do, but the Alex is a sub part of the show.

actually, as Franz stated, the existence of the Alex is a question of
perception in the show.

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