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To your respective corners, people!

> 0080 did NOT forget the mecha. steering away from the
> mecha, but keeping them in the background is one of
> the strong points of 0080. the music through
> speakers analogy is non sequitur. :P

The idea of mecha as machines of war that aren't singularly god-like was the
point...until G Gundam and GW. The fornmer turned it into a brilliant use
of the sentai theme, and the latter was, chinese movie.

> you can have an ova about a gm squad WITHOUT gundams,
> and it would very well be a gundam story.

Correct! In fact, i wonder why this hasn't been can just have
flashes of the prototype and its pilot, but the whole story can revolve
around the people who are the garrison troops, or something to that effect.

> ok ok, so you didn't like 0080 because of the rarity
> of mecha. some of us liked 0080 because of that (and
> other things). so let's just agree to disagree, lest
> you get all worked up again about how no one should
> tell you that you didn't get the point of 0080.
> of course we like the mecha.
> but that's beside the point. the point is, we'd still
> be liking gundam for the story if it didn't have the
> mecha.

correct. I wouldn't mind it even being power armor or weaponed megabikes.
it's the story that counts.

> no no, a dozen times no.
> "toy ad" shows (quality or not, notwithstanding) are
> gijoe, he-man, transformers, silverhawks, thundercats,
> et al. walking talking running 30 minute toy
> commercials. the toys -- for all practical purposes
> and intents -- came first and the schmucky companies
> needed a show to palm the toys off to "gullible" kids.
> otoh, tomino was practically strongarmed into chucking
> robots in so his show could be sponsored by the
> toymakers.

Which also happened to Battler Aura Dunbine, If I remember correctly...

> that's a small but important difference. the latter
> kind of shows usually have better overall quality and
> are more mature than the former, merchandise-driven
> shows if only because content came first.
> >Gundam just
> > happens to always have good stories.
> you got it the other way around. gundam is a good
> story that just happened to have slick mecha designs.
> at least, up until turn-a and g-saviour. and from
> what we've seen of 'for the barrel', intentionally
> unappealing mechs seem to be the fad these days.

yep, they were lucky in the mecha designers part.

> >I've seen the
> > first four episodes of
> > Zeta, several of 08th MS Team, F91, all of GW and
> > all focus on the mecha and
> > mecha battles, mecha are always a central part to
> > Gundam. 0080 was a
> > personal story more then other Gundam shows , but
> > 0080 still revolved around
> > mecha, namely on destroying the NT-1 Gundam Alex.
> and WHY did they want to destroy the nt-1?
> the plot and story doesn't just end with them wanting
> to destroy the nt-1. get what i mean?
> -garr

hit the nail on the head garrick. but no spoilers, please.

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