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Marcel Tualla wrote:
> woooooooopssssss.... just went to go check my GS Eva-01 paint set and....
> phhhhhheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeewwwww... does it stink! I've bought several jars

Yeah, except that a lot of modellers are addicted to that stink :) Gives
a funny meaning to "the thrill of model building"

> of the GS acrylics and just ASSUMED that these special paint kits
> where acrylic as well. Kinda strange that they would be lacquer. I
> thought that those pre-packaged paint kits where geared towards
> beginner modelers. I assumed because of this that they would be
> acrylic. Which tend to be easier to use and less toxic.

These are probably targetted to very picky modellers who are not satisfied
with the plastic colors on the MG and PG models. They tend to know what
they are doing and often they prefer lacquer. They stick very well and
dry fairly fast. They often require no priming since primers themselves
are lacquer-based. Lacquer is also the best for covering the underlying
colors. Often one coat is enough. But it takes some skills to avoid
stroke marks.

Unfortunately the quality that makes lacquer good paints is also the same
quality that lets it dissolve plastic and decals.

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