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> the gp01 had notorious jagged animation for the
> jogging sequence. but i had to be told that to notice
> it.
> odd though it may seem, the battles of 0083 aren't
> memorable to me in any way. they're good..but..don't
> have staying power. animation wise, they still pale
> in comparison to macross tv and macross DYRL. drama
> wise, 0080 takes the cake.

Perhaps it's in the way they were storyboarded? Am not an expert on staging
anime fight scens, but I think that it's a fair bet that somehow, the scenes
you remember are more, errr, for want of a better term, anime-dramatic. The
most memorable for me in 0083 was how Cima bought it.

> nothing like the stupidest death of all time (south
> burning) to tarnish an ova for me.

ehehhehe. nothing like a person knowing too much.

> i'd say kou was far from being a normal joe. :)
> he was a bit childish and petty for his age, rank and
> position. performance-wise, he scattered quite a bit.
> but i suppose that's forgivable, considering kou's
> status as a green newbie.

In retrospect, I would say that what made him a target for GML comments was
that he had so much promise that didn't happen...In which case, I would
submit that I am now turning neutral on the Kou debate. He may actually be
one of the most...err, normal pilots.

> as far as 0083 goes, south burning is the best oldtype
> (no pun) pilot. someone who can survive 0079 in a
> grunt gm, with the immortals. you gotta give him
> credit. unfortunately, 0083 never went about showing
> us how the "immortals" got their titles. they would
> rather show us how good the immortals are at practical
> jokes that shoulda gotten them court martialed in a
> sec.

Well, I saw how they were doing their attack on the desert base...they look
like they had the makings of a federation version of the Black Trinary.

> someone mentioned shiro. i agree, but shiro's not
> exactly normal either. :)
> -garr

I remember someone naming him irresponsible Captain Shiro or something...

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