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> Just out of curiosity, what mobile suit from Gundam was the first to
> be built around a weapon (like the Guncannon, which I just finished
> painting). As far as I know, the Guncannon is the first, and you can
> tell that it caught on. Heck, look at the mobile suits from GW and EW

As to the first, there's no beating Guntank. Zaku I and Zaku II were
older, but they are probably not weapon-based the way you intended. MA's
are also weapon based.

Strictly speaking, 99% of MS are weapon based. Maybe not in appearance,
but the gut of many MS's are specific to the weapons they are designed
with. So most MS's can't interchange weapons freely.

Basically most MS designs go this way, (1) we gotta hurt the enemy, so
there's a cannon or sword or hammer or some other weapon, (2) we need to
move the weapon to where it's needed: locomotion, (3) we gotta protect the
weapon against enemies' weapons: armor, (4) we need to see the enemy for
aiming our weapons and dodging their weapons: sensors, (5) we need to
communicate with HQ and other buddies so we know when and where to shoot
our weapons: communications, (6) we need someone to pull the trigger:
pilot and life support. So which MS isn't weapon-based?

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