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Forwarded from the great Tomonaga, enjoyed!

Forwarded message from Tomonaga:

Wow! It sure is amazing. That's one awesome Char Zaku : ) . That's
probably the best animated Zaku I've ever seen and the action, the
direction, the editing was unbelievably good. I can't wait for Episode 4
part C (due this month) and Episode 5.

The creator of the clip is Kyuuketsuki * Nosferatu(Vampire Nosferatu). He
is the webmaster of Katsudou Manga kan - Action Manga Gallery . If you go
to his homemage, you can see 24 other non-Gundam related works. Most seem
to be parodies of other series like Yamato, Kamen Rider etc featuring his
weird original P-chan, Q-chan and Non-chan characters.

He may also have a Gundam site(?) because I know I've seen his name
somwhere before. Here is the homepage.

There seems to be a group of guys bouncing ideas off each other and making
similar works.

He gets many request to reveal his production techniques so he wrote a
production diary.

According to the diary, Episode 4 parts A&B took two months to make. He
doesn't use any fancy hardware or software other than the original iMac,
Adobe Photoshop 5.0 + GIF builder, Adobe Illustrator 8.0 and a pen tablet.

He did not reveal the specifics of special effects such as the explosions,
as he feels that everyone should experiment and develop their own
techniques. He says he watches/studies a lot anime and copies the camera
angles, effects etc

1minute of episode 4 requires 750 frames. That works out at half the
standard 25 frames per second but you can still imagine the workload...
Obviously minimising character movement helps cut down the work
considerably, which is why the Char Zaku sheds its body armor, and his
original characters are simple in design.

Parts A&B combined works out to be 1568 separate frames.

Here is a page dedicated to Kidou Senshi Non-chan

Story summary and translation? It is so weird that understanding the text
doesn't necessarily make it any easier to comprehend... I will re-watch it
a few times more and get back to you.


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