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> errr...aaron, you've made your point about 0080
> already a long time ago. :P

So, I know this and I understand your point, but am just stating my opinion
and I do not abuse my right to my opinions here. Anyway I don't want to
argue, so none of the below is meant as such, ok? :)

> ok ok, so you didn't like 0080 because of the rarity
> of mecha. some of us liked 0080 because of that (and
> other things). so let's just agree to disagree, lest
> you get all worked up again about how no one should
> tell you that you didn't get the point of 0080

I wish it had more mecha fights in it, but that's not my reason for
disliking, it's one of various reasons for not liking it. I made it come
across as the main reason for disliking it is because of the lack of mecha
fights, I should have said it's one of various reason's for disliking 0080.
The quality of the fights make up for the lack of them in 0080. I do not
like depressing stories, that's my main reason for disliking it. It's a
excellent story, just not my type of story. 0080 is n excellent Gundam show.

Ok, here's what confuses me. Some mecha fans on here think Gundam has too
much focus on the mecha, yet they like mecha? Any story told by the various
Gundam anime could be told without mecha at all, right? Gundam focuses on
mecha because it is a *mecha* to begin with, no matter what Tomino may say,
as Bandai has seen to this. I do agree that sometimes they over use mecha,
but mecha is a main part of Gundam, not a side part. It's like wanting less
Jedi stuff in a Star Wars movie. Neither mecha or Jedi are the sole focus of
these respective sagas, but they are a main part of them and it's just
insanely nit picky to say mecha shows should have less mecha :) Mecha shows
are for mecha fans, that's why they focus on mecha so much, right?

> of course we like the mecha.
> but that's beside the point. the point is, we'd still
> be liking gundam for the story if it didn't have the
> mecha.
> i just happen to enjoy the model kits because i'm into
> scale modelling as a hobby myself.

You missed my point though, if you hated or disliked mecha, you wouldn't
build them right? For people who like mecha so much, it's weird that they
want to see less of them on screen!?!?

> no no, a dozen times no.
> "toy ad" shows (quality or not, notwithstanding) are
> gijoe, he-man, transformers, silverhawks, thundercats,
> et al. walking talking running 30 minute toy
> commercials. the toys -- for all practical purposes
> and intents -- came first and the schmucky companies
> needed a show to palm the toys off to "gullible" kids.
> otoh, tomino was practically strongarmed into chucking
> robots in so his show could be sponsored by the
> toymakers.

Um, I know all this by heart. Right, Gundam didn't start out as a toy ad,
but Bandai uses them as toy ads, though :)

> that's a small but important difference. the latter
> kind of shows usually have better overall quality and
> are more mature than the former, merchandise-driven
> shows if only because content came first.
> >Gundam just
> > happens to always have good stories.
> you got it the other way around. gundam is a good
> story that just happened to have slick mecha designs.

Right, but I am sure Sunrise, while Gundam is not their idea, had vague
thoughts of making money off the slick mecha designs. They just didn't
animate it out of the kindness of their hearts, I am sure! :)

> at least, up until turn-a and g-saviour. and from
> what we've seen of 'for the barrel', intentionally
> unappealing mechs seem to be the fad these days.

The Turn A designs grew on me, except for ths skinny armed one, I liked all
the other G Saviour designs. The G-Saviour designs are not ugly, nor bad,
just generic. They are basically been there, done that designs. :)

> and WHY did they want to destroy the nt-1?
> the plot and story doesn't just end with them wanting
> to destroy the nt-1. get what i mean?

Yes, I sure do, but the Alex is a sub part of the show.

Aaron aka BlazeEagle
"Believing a sign of Zeta"

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