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Some spoiler warning is required here.

>i'd say kou was far from being a normal joe. :)

>he was a bit childish and petty for his age, rank and
>position. performance-wise, he scattered quite a bit.
> but i suppose that's forgivable, considering kou's
>status as a green newbie.

>as far as 0083 goes, south burning is the best oldtype
>(no pun) pilot. someone who can survive 0079 in a
>grunt gm, with the immortals. you gotta give him
>credit. unfortunately, 0083 never went about showing
>us how the "immortals" got their titles. they would
>rather show us how good the immortals are at practical
>jokes that shoulda gotten them court martialed in a

They're immortal because they run away from battle alot as exemplefied by
Monsha who always shown trying to avoid fire and hardly getting any kills.

>someone mentioned shiro. i agree, but shiro's not
>exactly normal either. :)

Not exactly but at least he's better adjusted. He's clearly a genius in
space, imagine taking a Ball gainst a tripped out Rick-Dom type Zaku II.
And when he discovers his dificulty in land battles, he goes and gets
training from Karen. Of course he can't really be normal considering the
trauma hes gone through in the past but at least he seems quite well
adjusted to it.


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