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Subject: Re: [gundam] 0083 HATRED? Was:Yes!!, An MSiA GP03S AND the Orchis!!

>I love 0083 as well. It's not the best Gundam series, but it's >good
>nonetheless. I think it was intended as a action series, more >then
>else and to have awesome mecha battles. I've heard some say >some Gundam
>shows focus too much on the mecha, but weither some like this >or not,
>IS a mecha show. What sets apart from others as it's equal >parts mecha and
>character driven, you can't have one without the other.

Actually, i like gundam because the focus on the mecha does not overshadfow
the characters, in fat, at times the focus goes more on the characters and
not the mecha. Personally I ike this as although mecha are nice, people are
mroe important.

>Some may argue "Yes, it can, look at 0080". Which was a good >story, but
>Gundam IS a mecha show and a Gundam show with barely any mecha >battles is
>like music coming through a muffled speaker, it's music, but >it's muffled,
>so it's not the way the music was intended to be heard. The >battles 0080
>have where some of the best, but it felt like a muffled Gundam >story to
>It can't be Gundam, if a Gundam isn't in it. It could, but the >Gundam was
>created to be a symbol and some Gundam shows, 0080 included, >seem to
>this. From what I gather, a Gundam is a symbol for freedom, >hopes and
>as well as eventuall peace, at least for a while anyway.


0080 throws a wrench in this equation, isn't it the Gundam that brings havoc
to Side 6's Libot colony in the first place. sure if it weren't for the
Gundam Bernie and Chris would never have met. But uf not for it's presence
in Libot, less people would have died and Al wouldnt have gone through all
that. 0080 on a deeper level questions the assumption that Gundam is a
symbol for freedom, hopes, dreams and eventual peace. Remember, the Gundam
is a war machine no matter how you look at it and can only bring out more
suffering. Notice that in the end of most Gundam series, the main Mecha
gets destroyed. The gundam isnt' the symbol for freedom, hopes, dreams and
peace, it's people who are the symbol, more precisely the youth. That's why
in Wing they had to destroy all the Gundams and why Char and Amuro could
only get to an agrement after the RX-78-2 was destroyed and could only end
their rivalry with the sacrifice of the Nu-Gundam.

>Some probably won't admit it, but anyone who builds Gundam kits >is a fan
>the mecha. One doesn't build tank kits if they don't like >tanks, right? I
>don't like tanks, but I do like some cars and planes. Yes, just >because
>someone drives a car, doesn't mean they are a fan of them or >even like
>they are required transportion, at least in the US, but one >doesn't buy
>mecha kits just to buy them, they buy them because they like >mecha and
>building stuff, even though they probably have other interests. >Mecha does
>sale :) If it wasn't popualar and didn't sale, they wouldn't be >made.
>is basically a toy ad, it's not pretty, but it's the truth. >Gundam just
>happens to always have good stories. I've seen the first four >episodes of
>Zeta, several of 08th MS Team, F91, all of GW and all focus on >the mecha
>mecha battles, mecha are always a central part to Gundam. 0080 >was a
>personal story more then other Gundam shows , but 0080 still >revolved
>mecha, namely on destroying the NT-1 Gundam Alex.

But the deeper story is between the characters themselves.

Aaron aka BlazeEagle
"Believing a sign of Zeta"

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Subject: [gundam] 0083 HATRED? Was:Yes!!, An MSiA GP03S AND the Orchis!!

> how can anyone HATE 0083!?It was very well animated. A pretty strong
> plot.
> No major continuity issues.
> Characters weren't all that bad. The mechas' were
> REALLY cool and exquisitely designed. And to
> top it all off it had even cooler mecha and ship
> battles! Now what are peoples problem?
> In all honesty though, I have still yet to see any of
> the much acclaimed Z, or ZZ or CCA (I really wanna
> see that).
> piece...
> Marci
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> > > > You know, for the amount of 0083 bashing on this
> > > list, it seems odd that a
> > > > 0083 model/toy of any kind would get people so
> > > excited...
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