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>>A better representative for "oldtypes" would be Shiro Amada >fr. 08th MS.
>>only did he fight well, but he won his battles too, by using >his head.

>I guess. But Kou also "fought" well. Hey, the only people that >beat him
were Gato and Cima and these guys were hardboiled >veterans (OK he lost to
Cima the first time because he was an >idiot for flying the Gundam when it
was not yet suited for >space). And we have to expect that Shiro would be
better, he's >a lieutenant after all and Kou is just an ensign. To me, Kou
>proved his worth in the battlefield well enough.

I still wouldn't call him a good representative for "oldtypes", Sanders and
Karen fr. 08th MS were Sergeants and they could do better than Kou. Kou is
too much of a whiny brat for me.

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