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> > Not a big suprise... and from reports of the trailer
> > on Gundam Wing
> > operation 6(Why isn't this on the web yet :( )
> > Quatre's VA is doing Amuro's
> > voice.
> >
> You know what after seening how people are happy to
> see GW on Cartoon Network yet no one bothers to buy
> the GW DVD's people like the Cartoon Network version
> also alot of Email goes to Cartoon Network about
> puting that show back on TV already it Reruned many
> times yet I think Bandai is loseing money on this lol.

Wow. I have to actually slow down to read your writing. It's inventive.

As for the actual content of your mail... Bandai didn't make a Cartoon
Network version of the DVD. The only way you can get Cartoon Network
version is to buy the dub VHS tape or watch it on Cartoon Network. In so
far as the re-runs, Bandai is quite happy about the performance of the show
on Cartoon Network. The primary function of the show is to sell tape/DVD
and models. They are not losing money on this.

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