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Wed, 28 Mar 2001 21:32:46 -0500

CHIN, Chien Ting wrote:

> Marcel Tualla wrote:
> > Gunze Sangyo he is using IS an acrylic and when in its liquid state IS water
> > soluble.
> Wrong wrong wrong. GS has two types, what's commonly available in US is
> acrylic (the H series). In Asia, equally available is the lacquer series
> (no H, just numbers). Gundam Color (the jars not the liners) is part of
> the lacquer series. If you don't believe me, believe Max.

woooooooopssssss.... just went to go check my GS Eva-01 paint set and....
phhhhhheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeewwwww... does it stink! I've bought several jars
of the GS acrylics and just ASSUMED that these special paint kits where acrylic
well. Kinda strange that they would be lacquer. I thought that those pre-packaged

paint kits where geared towards beginner modelers. I assumed because of this
that they would be acrylic. Which tend to be easier to use and less toxic.



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