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I have the Space use version of the Leo figure, the purple one. Those pieces
come with the Army version only and they are shoulder mounted beam guns. A
Commanders Leo fires them during the OZ revolt that happens towards the
beginnig of GW.

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> > I couldn't resist buying it when I saw it today. I'm not a big Wing
> >fan, but it looked really cool and I didn't have any MSiA's yet.
> > Anyway, it came with two cubish pieces of armor with some kind of gun
> >mounted on each and I have no idea what to do with them. I tried to put
> >them on the shoulders, but they didn't fit (yes, I took off the green
> >bands first). I'm a little hesitant to remove the inner plastic from the
> >pieces, but would that make them fit? It seems like a horrible design if
> >it is shoulder armor.
> Same here. Er, I have it, but I all I did was remove the bands and snap
> em on. Even so, I think I know what you mean, they don't really snap on,
> just slide on... It doesn't feel secure at all, I just didn't use em.
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