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Anyway, it came with two cubish pieces of armor with some kind of gun
mounted on each and I have no idea what to do with them. I tried to put
them on the shoulders, but they didn't fit (yes, I took off the green
bands first). I'm a little hesitant to remove the inner plastic from the
pieces, but would that make them fit? It seems like a horrible design if
it is shoulder armor.

hmm iirc its the shoulder with beamcannon for commanders i never saw it
in the series but i really dont care although the Leo and the Pisces are
the only intetresting MS designs from Wing IMHO
I think it only shows up in the beginning when Oz is taking out the
Alliance. I think the
episodes are 8-10. Of course, considering this is myfirst time seeing the
series, it
probably shows up in other areas as well.

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