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> On Wed, 28 Mar 2001 01:41:27
> >> top it all off it had even cooler mecha and ship
> >> battles! Now what are peoples problem?
> 0083 probably has THE BEST battles (or clearly
> stated, the BEST ANIMATED battles)


the gp01 had notorious jagged animation for the
jogging sequence. but i had to be told that to notice

odd though it may seem, the battles of 0083 aren't
memorable to me in any way. they're good..but..don't
have staying power. animation wise, they still pale
in comparison to macross tv and macross DYRL. drama
wise, 0080 takes the cake.

nothing like the stupidest death of all time (south
burning) to tarnish an ova for me.

> >> In all honesty though, I have still yet to see
> any of
> >> the much acclaimed Z, or ZZ or CCA (I really
> wanna
> >> see that).
> I have seen snips of ZZ, but I'm telling you, you
> just gotta see Zeta
> >Its probably not that most of us hate 0083, we just
> hate Kou Uraki.
> Which I can't understand. Kou is one of the most
> vulnerable Gundam protagonists. He is quite
> literally a "normal joe", who happens to be a "not
> bad" pilot. Kou is probably one of the better Gundam
> pilots because he represents the oldtypes. He isn't
> special like Amuro or Camille, but he held his
> ground and fought quite well. I can't understand why
> anyone can hate the guy for not being "special".

i'd say kou was far from being a normal joe. :)

he was a bit childish and petty for his age, rank and
position. performance-wise, he scattered quite a bit.
 but i suppose that's forgivable, considering kou's
status as a green newbie.

as far as 0083 goes, south burning is the best oldtype
(no pun) pilot. someone who can survive 0079 in a
grunt gm, with the immortals. you gotta give him
credit. unfortunately, 0083 never went about showing
us how the "immortals" got their titles. they would
rather show us how good the immortals are at practical
jokes that shoulda gotten them court martialed in a

someone mentioned shiro. i agree, but shiro's not
exactly normal either. :)


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