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Richie Ramos -- Crouching Tiger, Hidden Gundam! wrote:
> > > > No major continuity issues.
> > > uhm, I beg to differ, there are MAJOR continuity issues, specially on
> the
> > > tech side.
> > oki? well fellow pinoy please explain. Where they those Titan MSs in Z
> that
> > didn't
> > parallel with the MS's in 0083? Or the liner seat technology used in the
> GP03?
> > etc etc
> > What were they? would love to know...
> > Marci
> Read Z's posts on certain craters, also check out Mark Simmon's ruminations
> in the archive. although now we argue that the whole gp03 project can be
> kept secret on paper, in real life it isn't so easy. all the fleet
> personnel who were killed -- what do you tell the families? all the
> scientists on earth, what do you tell them about the x-ray burst? hard to
> believe that by Z they had forgotten.

wasn't there mention of a terrorist attack on Konpei island that lead to
the formation of the Titans? just wasn't too specific on what..

and by the time of Z maybe the GP conspiricy is common knowladge, just
like the UFO and Kennedy assasination conspiricies are commmon knowladge
today... easiet way for the Feds to cover their asses about the GP
projects? make sure their equivilent of the National Enquirer gets ahold
of the story first...


> And yes, the technology is a problem. Some aspects and firepower levels of
> GP-style technology is possible by
> ZZ, but not in Z, I think. I wold love to enumerate more, but i would
> rather
> say that the archives is the answer, since I do not want to rehash on the
> list. Suffice to say, there are problems.
> As for 0083 itself...I like it, it's an okay gundam story. it just has
> terrific problems, continuity-wise.
> Understand, am not slagging 0083 without cause. am just pointing out that
> there are things to consider. by itself, 083 is okay, but I've watched
> and/or read the synopsis and technical history of most of gundam (all that
> is available on the web, anyway...), and I can see the headaches that the
> series created.
> Just my two cents, from a fellow pinoy to another.
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