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A Long Time Ago In A Galaxy Far, Far Away wrote:
> Boy, you haven't been paying much attention to the Post-1YW series have
> you? After the first colony drop, Earth did suffer a change in its
> climate. As

Yes I can be dopey at times :)

> far as I can recall, its been mentioned as far as CCA where they are
> worried
> that another colony or asteroid drop would finish the job of the 1YW
> Colony
> Drop and push the Earth into a new ice age.

Yes yes there was a lot of lip service to pollution and colony/asteroid
drops. But in each series you still have pretty much the same flora and
fluna. Especially after a particularly tough battle, the sun comes out
from behind the clouds, a rainbow perches in the back ground, and birds
and deers folic about ;)

And if CCA claims that 1YW did change Earth's climate, then the opening
scene must have happened in what was today's Sahara desert :)

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