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> > Amazon basin to hit northern Kansas just south of the Nebraska
> > almost totally intact, traveling in a SSE to NNW trajectory, a polar
> > orbit slightly counter to the Earth's rotation.
> Where the hell did you get the orbital data??? I suppose you can find
> some info from freeze-framing 0083, but you obviously got more data
> other sources.
> Anyway I still argue that (1) colony drops shouldn't make such a big
> Sydney crater, (2) if a crater as big as Sydney were made, then you
> avoid a drastic change in Earth's climate and the ecosphere.

Boy, you haven't been paying much attention to the Post-1YW series have
you? After the first colony drop, Earth did suffer a change in its
climate. As
far as I can recall, its been mentioned as far as CCA where they are
that another colony or asteroid drop would finish the job of the 1YW
Drop and push the Earth into a new ice age.
Also, it was always my impression that the colony drop in 0083 was not as
destructive as the Sidney drop because the final orbital burns that Gato
flattened out the crash path. So while it was less damaging, it was
spread out
over a far larger area, causing ecological damage from debries,
radiation, and
crash damage.

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