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CHIN, Chien Ting wrote:

> Marcel Tualla wrote:
> > just use the Gunze Sangyo thiner or any acrylic paint thinner.
> > Or just use warm water, if your paint hasn't already dried on your
> > brush. If it has already dried on the brush solid try gently breaking
> > the paint up while dipping in either of the two thinners mentioned.
> NO! Cleaning brushes with model paint thinner is a huge waste of money.
> Buy industrial/household laquer thinner by the buckets for brush cleaning.
> Save your brandname thinner for mixing paint and airbrushing.

In extreme cases of the paint drying on the brush (which is a big no-no), yes I
would use
a lacquered thinner. But again in EXTREME cases. When using high quality sable
brushes (which are a bit more expensive) to paint with, (I recommend natural hair
synthetic any day), those types of harsh solvents can destroy a good brush in a
matter of time.
And I'd much rather spend the extra $10 on a new bottle of acrylic thinner than
$20-$30 on a new sabled haired brush!

> Gundam Color paint is completely insoluble in water and acrylic thinner.
> Use laquer thinner.

Gunze Sangyo he is using IS an acrylic and when in its liquid state IS water

> If the brush is dried solid, you can soak it in thinner for an hour or so.
> But a better solution is perhaps throw it away and remember to be more
> careful next time.

I actually have 2 sets of brushes one set for my acrylic paints and another set
my enamel based paints. I also find that after cleaning your brushes with a
thinner that if you use an acrylic painted right after, the acrylic paint takes
one or two
"dips" before the paint finally clings to the brush.

General rule of thumb is to use lacquer based thinners to clean and thin your
enamel based paints
and brushes and the prespective acrylic thinner to thin and clean the acrylic
brushes and paints.

Happy airbrushing/painting!

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