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Chris Maier wrote:
> Here's the last one(Not a gif):
> Does anybody know who made these? The first three look like they were done
> using flash, and the last one(Posted here) looks like it used more advanced
> animation....
> BTW listen closely and you'll hear lines from the original series.

And if you read carefully you'd realize this is a combat between MS
Windows (Char) and Mac OS (white creature). If I am not mistaken, Rei was
giving the white creature some tips on how to restart the Mac OS using
Command-Option-Esc key combinations. The random windows popping out of
the busted arm was hilarious!

Also don't miss the reference to Ultraman (I think). Whose face was that
on the Captain Harlock ship?

Don't know who made this and how. But this is great animation from all
perspectives, graphics, timing, explosions, actions, and the story looks
good too. Better than NGE ;)

Wish someone could give a summary/translation...

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