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> In fact there hardly seems
>>to be any diff with the RX-79[G] and the RGM-79[G] other than >one having
>>bit more onboard weaponry.

>I think not. First off Sanders himself attests to the more >powerful
"Gundam" (as compared to a GM he was piloting in space >earlier). Also, to
me the biggest continuity buster is that >Sanders knew about "Gundam" when
it was supposed to be some

Sanders probably knew since he was from a test battalion (trying out the
test type GM[E]) so he probably got this info from there.

>sort of secret (this was just about that time after Giren's >speech). And
another problem is his GM in space, when the GM >was supposedly first used
(and I think manufactured) in Jaburo.

The GM[E]s IIRC were manufactured in Jaburo. I'm willing to let them go on
this anyway. We can maybe say that the Production GMs first were first used
in Jaburo but the test types had been around for quite awhile.

>One thing I'm not sure of, when they said Sanders was a jinx >and that all
his former platoons or units have been killed >leaving only him, did they
mean Mobile Suit Platoons or Units? >Another continuity buster if the answer
is "yes" I guess, but >hey, I loved the story.

He probably was a pilot from a regular non-MS unit first, then got assigned
to an MS test platoon as soon as the battlefield test variant (GM[E])was

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