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On Tue, 27 Mar 2001 21:16:32
 Franz G Co wrote:
>>How come Ginias started shooting BEFORE the Zanzibar get to a >safe
>He was psycho! Actually, it was Aina who started shooting, she was a "bit"
>angry at Norris' death.

Psycho is right. He loved Apsalas more than his sister. And as for Aina, boy was she pissed!

>>Most importantly, after the court martial, why did the brass >send Shiro on
>>a mission on the final assault? If his team was used as a >sacrifical
>>diversion (as one line of dialogue vaguely suggested), how come >he ended
>>up escorting those Guntanks, one of the most critical part of >the assault?
>Hmm... maybe Lyer changed his mind. Maybe he thought that if Shiro was a
>spy, he would cause havoc in the mine breaching operations.

I think its probably because through it all, the brass considered Shiro a good MS commander. He did have a lot successes in the past (I dont remember him failing a mission prior to this). But they distrusted him well enough, and that was why they assigned Karen to kill him if he did something unpredictable (like abandon the platoon to attack Apsalas) Fortunately, Shiro's hardheadedness probably rubbed off on Karen as well and she didn't have the heart to whack him.


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