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 In fact there hardly seems
>to be any diff with the RX-79[G] and the RGM-79[G] other than one having a
>bit more onboard weaponry.

I think not. First off Sanders himself attests to the more powerful "Gundam" (as compared to a GM he was piloting in space earlier). Also, to me the biggest continuity buster is that Sanders knew about "Gundam" when it was supposed to be some sort of secret (this was just about that time after Giren's speech). And another problem is his GM in space, when the GM was supposedly first used (and I think manufactured) in Jaburo. One thing I'm not sure of, when they said Sanders was a jinx and that all his former platoons or units have been killed leaving only him, did they mean Mobile Suit Platoons or Units? Another continuity buster if the answer is "yes" I guess, but hey, I loved the story.

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