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> >I agree, but I still have a couple of complaints... (1) the "links" in
> >whip
> >are a pain to put in since they are using the hated "wire cover"again,
> No pain, no gain. You could go out and find your own alternative beads to
> make the whip and cables (which saves you the trouble of sanding), or you
> can use the one-piece/fixed-pose whip and cables from the old kit. Man, I
> love the proportions of the old 1/100 kit. The MG design just doesn't
> look sexy enough.

Actually, it looks so squat to me...I find the 1/144 proportions somehow
better than the MG's. Perhaps they made it look too bulky?

> >(2) the
> >"horn" on top of the head falls down way too easily,
> Hmm, that's not good. Where's my glue?

yes it does....i find it very unamusing...but then, I'm thinking of
scratchbuilding a longer headspike, soo....

> >(3) the beam machete was
> >a little too short and the shield is WAY too small (okay, that's 3).
> That, I agree... if they tried t hide the entire heat blade in the shield
> like the Gouf Custom then the shield might have been sculpted bigger.

Really? interesting. I didn't know that.

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