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> No, Transformers was an American TV show first, and later dubbed into
> Japanese. However, the three sequel series, Headmasters, Masterforce, and
> Victory were created for the Japanese market, and waning toy sales in North
> American meant that they never got dubbed and the toys never hit stateside.
> The more recent Beast Wars and Beast machines were both North American
> shows, while the Japanese got dubs of the former (dunno about BM), as well
> as a few of their own ... Beast wars Second (which was bloody awful, I saw
> an ep fansubbed) and Beast Wars Neo. Car Robots was another Japanese
> animated series, but is in fact being brought to North America later this
> year, making it the first Japanese Transformers show to get an English dub.
> I hear the show is pretty bad (not the awful kiddie fare that BW Second was,

Beast Wars was such a kick ass series. That was so great!!!! Beast Machines
wasn't even close in quality to it.

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