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No, Transformers was an American TV show first, and later dubbed into
Japanese. However, the three sequel series, Headmasters, Masterforce, and
Victory were created for the Japanese market, and waning toy sales in North
American meant that they never got dubbed and the toys never hit stateside.
The more recent Beast Wars and Beast machines were both North American
shows, while the Japanese got dubs of the former (dunno about BM), as well
as a few of their own ... Beast wars Second (which was bloody awful, I saw
an ep fansubbed) and Beast Wars Neo. Car Robots was another Japanese
animated series, but is in fact being brought to North America later this
year, making it the first Japanese Transformers show to get an English dub.
I hear the show is pretty bad (not the awful kiddie fare that BW Second was,
but baD), but i'll give it a looksee without a doubt.

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> really???i thought it was made in japan and stuff...

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